AutoCAD 2002 Associative Dimensioning Object Enabler

Installation of the AutoCAD® 2002 Associative Dimensioning Object Enabler will eliminate the proxy dialog box that appears when associated dimension objects created in AutoCAD 2002 (or an AutoCAD 2002-based industry product) are found within the DWG file you are attempting to open.

Description of Problem

Upon opening a DWG file containing AutoCAD 2002 associative dimensions, a proxy dialog box appears.

Products this Object Enabler is intended for:

AutoCAD® 2000
AutoCAD® 2000i
AutoCAD LT® 2000i
AutoCAD Map® 2000 (R4)
AutoCAD Map® 2000i (R4.5)
AutoCAD® Architectural Desktop R2i
Autodesk® Architectural Desktop R3
Mechanical Desktop® R4
Mechanical Desktop® R5
AutoCAD® Land Development Desktop R2i
AutoCAD® Land Development Desktop R2
Volo View Release 1.13
Volo™ View Express Release 1.13

Installation Instructions

To correct this problem, follow these instructions.

1. Download the AutoCAD 2002 Associative Dimensioning Object Enabler self-extracting executable (DimOE.exe)

2. Save the file to a location on your computer.

3. Close all applications before beginning the installation. It is critical that all software applications are closed prior to installing this Object Enabler.

4. Go to the location of your saved file. Double click the downloaded file to begin the installation (note: you must have administrative privileges on your Windows Operating System before the install can proceed.)

5. Continue through the rest of the install program.

6. Once finished, reboot your computer