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Adams Computer Concepts, Inc. was formed  in April, 1995 by Shawn Adams.  He holds a B.S. in Computer Science from Cal Poly Pomona, but has always found that his drive and love of computers has been his key asset in staying "technically fit".

In 1995, we designed, installed and configured one of our largest networks spanning the client's headquarters in California, their warehouse in California, a showroom in New York City, and another warehouse in Canada.  Being a Japanese company, there was a need to send and receive email in Kanji.  At the time, software was not typically internationalized, thereby leading to difficulty in receiving Japanese email on an English mail server.

We viewed this as a challenge that needed to be solved and found products that were capable of performing these tasks.  Much of the software and hardware we installed for this client is still in use today.

In 1998 we created a custom software application that interfaces with GPS equipment so that a client may monitor the location of their delivery trucks.

We have written many custom software solutions for our clients, but in 1999 we created our most interesting.  The largest producer of foam in the United States is currently running software we designed that controls machinery which produces carpet padding.  As a result of installing the software, their efficiency rating went up by 12%.  This factor aided in reducing their annual expenditures by hundreds of thousands of dollars per plant.

They were so pleased with the software that we were asked to monitor the wastage that occurs when the carpet padding is cut into rolls.  We created a software solution that interfaces with the industrial scales that measure the incoming and outgoing product.  A daily report informs them how much product is being scrapped.

These have been some of the highlights of our company's history.  We look forward to resolving your needs as well.  Please visit our contact page if we can be of service to you.

Our Philosophy:

Our philosophy has been and continues to be that we should use our varied knowledge and experience to provide a solution that economically and robustly solves the client's needs.  If possible, we always attempt to make use of hardware and software the customer already owns when designing our solutions.  But, most of all, we treat our clients the way we would like to treated!  This philosophy has benefited us as new customers often come to us via referral from existing clients.

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